What Is Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Concrete driveway resurfacing is a process increasingly adopted by Australian homeowners to revitalize their driveways.

This technique not only restores the appearance of a driveway but also reinforces its durability. Let’s explore what concrete driveway resurfacing entails, its benefits, and the process involved.

Understanding Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

What It Is

Concrete resurfacing involves applying a thin layer of polymer flowable mortar over an existing concrete surface.

This method is especially beneficial for driveways that have deteriorated over time. Resurfacing is preferred over complete replacement as it is less extensive and more cost-effective.

Assessing Driveway Condition

Not all concrete driveways are suitable for resurfacing.

If your driveway is in good to reasonable condition, including being plain, painted, sealed, stenciled, or stamped, it is likely a candidate for resurfacing.

Dealing with Cracks

Before resurfacing, any cracks in the driveway must be evaluated.

Minor cracks can often be filled and fixed, but deep or significant cracks might require consultation with a professional.

Resurfacing cannot guarantee that cracks won’t reappear if the underlying issue persists.

The Resurfacing Process

Step-by-Step Overview

Preparation and Cleaning

The concrete surface is prepared by grinding off existing coatings and repairing any cracks. This is followed by pressure cleaning to remove dust and debris.

Applying the Base Coat

A thin base coat is applied and screeded to level the surface.

Applying the Resurfacing Compound

This involves spraying a slip-resistant, textured compound over the surface. Additional colors or designs can be added for a more aesthetic appeal.

Sealing the Surface

Finally, a sealer is applied to protect the newly resurfaced driveway.

Duration and Cost

Timeframe and Expense

The time taken to resurface a driveway varies, typically ranging from two to three days or more, depending on the complexity of the job.

The cost can range between $45-$65 per m², which is more economical than replacing the entire driveway​​.

Benefits of Resurfacing

Why Choose Resurfacing?


Resurfacing is cheaper than removing and replacing an entire driveway.


The process is quicker, with driveways ready for use within a couple of days post-resurfacing.

Enhanced Durability

Beyond aesthetic improvement, resurfacing adds a strong coating, reducing future maintenance needs.


Concrete driveway resurfacing is a practical, cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to rejuvenate their driveways.

It offers a way to repair and enhance the appearance and durability of the driveway without the expense and hassle of complete replacement.

By understanding the process and benefits, Australian homeowners can make informed decisions about maintaining and upgrading their driveways.

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